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By BIRDY. By Erik Lorincz

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The Birdy Riedel bar highball set is a cross-brand item by BIRDY and RIEDEL, perfect for stay-at-home. Made with their hope that this set will give you the power to easily make impressive and delicious cocktails for you and your guests at home. 


What's included:
HIGHBALL GLASS ( A set of 2)
The highball glass by RIEDEL is stylish and functional. These glasses are ideal for mixed cocktails, with its tall shape maintaining effervescence, and specially made for the standard ice cube as well as the large format ice. It has a 2 oz pour line, makes it easier to make cocktails, and has features to avoid ice to touch your nose when you drink from the glass.

Size: 2.56” x 6.06” / 65 × 154mm 
Volume: 10.48oz / 310ml
Weight: 0.96lbs / 434g 
Quantity: 2
Material: Crystal Glass

BIRDY Bar Spoon 30cm
Size: 1.18" x 11.81" / 30 x 300mm
Weight: 1.16oz / 30g
Quantity: 1
Material: Stainless Steel

BIRDY Glass Towel M size
Size: 15.8"x 27.6" / 40 x 70 cm
Color: Cool Gray
Quantity: 1
Material: Polyester 85% Nylon 15%

Original Bag with Brand Names
Type: Drawstring Bag
Size: W460mm × H600mm / 18.11” x 23.62”
Quantity: 1

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