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By BIRDY. By Erik Lorincz

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GLASS TOWEL was born from the voice of "the professional" such as a bartender and sommelier who treated a large quantity of glasses every day.

  • High water absorption power continues for a long time.
  • Used new material, "Birdy silky stretch fiber".
  • Combination of microfiber and polyester improve the smoothness and add the more stretch performance.
  • All Processed in Japan - A product of "the pure maid in Japan" which performed all production processes except raw materials in Japan.  

Size: M 15.75" x 27.56"  (40 × 70 cm) L 15.75" x 35.4" (40 x 90 cm)
Color: Cool Gray
Material: Polyester 85% Nylon 15%

Caution and care instructions:
1  Tough hard water spots or oily film can be removed with Glass Towel.
2  Glass Towel is a polishing cloth to "finish" glasses - Use Glass Towel to 
dry and polish your glasses. It's recommended for half-dried or steamed glasses.
3  Apply gentle pressure when polishing. Too much pressure can cause the glass to crack or break.
Oxygen bleach can be used when washing Glass Towel,  Do not use Chlorine bleach.
5  Do not wash with dark colors to avoid dye transfer/dye bleeding.
6  Air dry  - Do not use a Tumble dryer.
7  Do not leave Glass Towel near open flames or high heat sources.
8  Wash the item frequently, Wring out and squeeze water from the towel then dry them completely.
10  Use Oxygen bleach to remove the stain or dirt from Glass Towel.
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