About Us


Our goal at Santoku NYC is to bring American customers the finest products out of Japan.

Before we started this online store, we asked ourselves what makes Japanese products special. We believe it is the care and attention that is put into making each item and the constant effort to make their products sturdier or more functional. With the customer in mind, craftsmen and manufacturers experiment with different materials and different techniques to continue to raise the bar of quality. That kind of pride that people have in their craftsmanship is what we call “kokoro”, or heart.

We bring inspired products from Japan to America to wow everybody with beauty and functionality.

The products we offer all serve specific needs of professionals in the food and beverage industry of America. We have traveled all over Japan and met with many craftsmen and manufacturers to find the highest quality products, and we are bringing only the best to America with confidence that they will be a special addition to your lives. We know you will love our tried and true products, whether you are a professional or someone that cooks for fun!

Our first offerings will be kitchen items, coffee and tea ware, and barware. The “San” in Santouku means 3 in Japanese, so we will begin with these 3 categories. Please stay tuned for more additions to our catalogue!

Atsushi  and Team Santoku nyc

Mount Vernon, NY 

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