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Chef Knives


Jikko was established in 1901 in Sakai-city, Osaka prefecture, a region well-known as the city where a majority of Japan’s professional chefs' knives are produced.

Jikko is one of the few manufacturers in the Sakai region who have been around for over a century and is considered as one of the top knife manufacturers within the Sakai region. In order to continue producing premium quality knives for the last 100 years, they consistently consult with a wide range of top chefs throughout Japan, who offer them first-hand knowledge of what they seek for in their chef's knives.

As a result of years of research,  Jikko has developed their original "Hatsuke" method which allows the blades to be designed in a finer angle and remains sharper for a longer period of time than other knives in the market.

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