Joboji Lacquerware Rectangular Tray / Red(朱)  By Takumi Iwadate

Joboji Lacquerware Rectangular Tray / Red(朱) By Takumi Iwadate


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Jpboji "Producing & Refining Lacquer in Japan <The Society for Japanese Lacquer / Japanese Urushi Tapping Preservation Society>" have been added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list.


Original design of Takumi Iwadate. The shape of the edge of the tray is unique and easy to hold for hands.

 Rectangular Tray

Artisan: Takumi Iwadate
Size: 335×h22㎜
Color: Red(朱)

Attraction of Joboji Lacquerware

  • Simple and timeless apperance
  • Used with Joboji urushi (some are used with only Joboji urushi in the whole processes)
  •  Pleasant to touch and a gentle-to-mouth feel

■How to maintain

The best way to keep lacquerware in good condition is to use it every day. It is weak in the dry environment.
Using it, and giving the wood and lacquer proper moisture.

STEP 1 : Washing

If it is washed separately from other dishes, it is durable and not easily scratched. As the stains come out well, hand-washing with lukewarm water is enough. Stuck-on materials like rice should be washed after soaking, while soft sponges are for oil stains. Diluted detergent is better since it is not hard on the surface of lacquer. 

STEP 2 : Rinsing

Rinse it with cold or lukewarm water.

STEP 3 : Drying (wiping)

Natural wipe does not interfere with the use, but it is ideal to wipe with a cloth as countermeasures against fuzz. 

    For long lasting use

    • It cannot be used in the dishwasher, microwave, or oven.
    • Please avoid soaking it for long periods. If there is a crack, water soaks into it and becomes worse.
    • Please keep in a place away from direct sunlight. 
    see joboji urushi lacquerware collection


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