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Joboji Lacquerware (浄法寺漆器)

People in Joboji,  Ninohe City of the Iwate Prefecture have sap-collected and coated the bark of Urushi from long ago.


The characteristics of lacquerware such as soft texture, the warmth of the wood that fits well in hands, and the resistance in transferring heat, make it easy to handle when it contains something hot inside. Simple and robust “Containers of Life,” Joboji urushi paint increases its glow as you use, and makes lacquerware that can be used beyond generations with repair and repainting.

Lacquerware is now increasingly appreciated as products to fit the modern lifestyle which aims for a sustainable society.

Joboji urushi paint which grows a Urushi tree in the community, taps the lacquer, and made with a domestically grown wooden base with Joboji Urushi layered over and over, is an “Ultimate lacquerware.” 

urushi sakazuki
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Coating of the Joboji urushi 

Wood hardening

Plenty of crude lacquer is soaked in the wooden base. It is an important step for defending against expansion and contraction, making lacquerware that is highly waterproof and sturdy.


Lacquer for undercoating, which is mixed with refined lacquer and Bengara (red oxide), is performed.


After coating, the bowl is polished with water resistant paper and a whetstone to soften its surface and improve lacquer adhesion.

A second coating

The work of coating and polishing are repeated six times and make layers with only Joboji urushi.

Top coating

Joboji urushi is auto-purified and coated in the special room for top coating so as not to attract dust or dirt.


shop joboji urushi lacquerware 

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