Zero Japan


We are happy to tell you that we have become a distributor of Zero Japan in July, 2018. Zero Japan was established in 1992 in Japan and it has been exporting to many countries including USA. Since the Zero Japan was formerly known as Bee House they were using the Bee House name as their brand name in US. So some of you might know hear about Bee House. 

So, Zero Japan and we decided to use the same name in Japan, USA and the rest of the world. So we are carrying Zero Japan - formerly known as Bee House.



All the products are 100% Made in Japan and the design and the quality is getting high reputation from many countries over the years.

Zero Japan check the quality and assemble one by one with the strict rules in Japan. The quality has been assured and even improved since we started our production.

There are many "Looks Like Zero Japan" products in the market. We believe that the Zero Japan is the original and we are proud of delivering such a wonderful products to US customers.

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