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3 Pack of Botanical Dyed Organic Cotton (80%) Face Mask by Tabbisocks

By Tabbisocks

$ 45.00

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Made in Japan, 3D and Seamless Double Ply Face Mask 

z e r o   w a s t e
Botanical Dyed Organic Cotton
Face Mask(Non-Medical Grade)
*Washable, Reusable
*Double Layers with filter pocket
*Seamless and stretchable,  a universal fit

Unisex-One size: 6"width 5" height

80%OCS 100 Certified Organic Cotton
18%Nylon 2% Spandex  

Crafted in Japan

Organic Cotton OCS100 Certified#859728/00205343


Zero Waste Production

Normally, when producing knitted masks, the individual parts (i.e. front body, filter,  etc.) are knitted separately and then sewn together when finished. We accomplish zero waste in contrast, because our seam-free face masks (i.e. WHOLEGARMENT®) are created directly from the knitting machine as one complete item; not something formed from a pile of parts. 


OCS100 Certified Organic Cotton
Organic Content Standard (OCS100) certification takes over a year to account for every step of production—from the processing of certified organic fiber into yarn to the dye-houses, mills, factories, and printers.

Quality of Japanese Craftsmanship
Our face mask factory - Knitido Co., Ltd. in Wakayama, Japan, is certified by the Japanese government for exceptional and long-lasting knitted clothing made by skilled craftsmen since 1926. Our face masks are expertly designed for you to make the most of them and leave less waste for the planet. 

Stress Relief, Comfortable Stretchy fit

These masks are seam-free and stretchable to have a universal fit. Each mask is designed to be as comfortable and stress-free as possible; leaving no gaps between your face and the mask.

 (Non-Refundable item – No Returns and No exchange) 

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