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Yanagi Knives

Sushi Chef’s confidant

The YANAGI-BA (柳葉)or YANAGI is a sword-like long, slender knife mainly used to slice SASHIMI or SUSHI. YANAGI in Japanese means willow (BA means blade), and the knife is named after the shape of the willow tree’s long-narrow leaf and sharp angle tip shape.

We believe this is the most beautiful Japanese knife shape. The function and shape is the results of development of both Japanese cuisine and blade making techniques have been influenced by one another.

Professional Sushi chefs use around 12 inches long blade (sometimes even 14 inches!) to slice the beautiful sashimi.

Long and Thin blade & sharp angle tip

Its long length is the characteristics of Yanagi. Because of its length chef can pull the knife from heel to tip (one direction, one stroke) through the fish with very little pressure. This drawing stroke (adding minimum pressure on fish meat) makes sashimi surface not only shiny and beautiful but also better texture and flavor (not destroying flavor and texture of fish flesh). So Yanagi is the essential tools for Sushi or Sashimi, you never slice good sashimi with dull knife. Pointing tip is also the characteristics of Yanagi. It allows chefs to cut and decorate in detail. Nowadays, western chefs also welcome and use this Sushi chef’s ultimate weapon to carve meats or fish.

Single bevel

Japanese style knives (WA-BOCHO 和包丁)have single bevel (single- grounded) including Yanagi. The knife is grounded right side (for right hander)  and back(left) side is vertical and slightly concaved.

This shape helps slice into deep and thin, foods apart from the blade easily.Also when you cut, the vertical left side helps cut thin and straight which is beneficial for cutting Sashimi.

Lengths of Yanagiba knife

There are several lengths Yanagi, the most popular Yanagi length in Japan is 300cm(一尺)because it has ample length and the balance of handle and blade is excelent. So we recommends this 300mm for chefs.

Chefs those who have limited cutting space or home use, we recommend 240mm or 270mm.

9.5’’ 八寸(240mm) home cook

10.5’’ 九寸(270mm) chef / home cook

11.8’’ 一尺(300mm) chef

13.1’’ 尺一(330mm) chef

*Longer version is available upon request (make to order)

What types of steel, materials are good?

We recommend carbon steel knives for professional chefs, and if you are willing to spend for the best, blue carbon steel is the best variety. White carbon steel is a close second. These two carbon steels are the finest blade material. For home use, we recommend molybdenum stainless steel. It is stain resistant but still very sharp.

Our sashimi knives are from Sakai City, Japan, a well-known blacksmith town where most professional knives are produced. The city has been supporting Japanese chefs for centuries, and we hope you enjoy our collection of the best Japanese Yanagi knives.

















9.5’’ 八寸(24cm) 家庭用

10.5’’ 九寸(27cm) 板前・シェフ / 家庭用

11.8’’ 一尺(30cm) 板前・シェフ

13.1’’ 尺一(33cmm) 板前・シェフ






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