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Each AndYu product is 100% hand-woven from Ata grass, a vine which is native to limited parts of Indonesia.

Artisans use a special technique to individually weave Ata grass vines into beautifully structured items for your home and more.



 Ata Grass is found exclusively in Bali and select areas of Indonesia.

・Finely Woven Products

 Products that are made from Ata Grass are more tightly and finely woven than products made from other natural materials.

 This is due to the vine-like nature of the Ata Grass plant.

・Durable Materials

 Ata Grass is extremely durable, and the naturally-glossy finish of the vines protects these unique products from daily use and natural wear.




 Each item is individually handcrafted using all-natural materials.

 The varying colors are derived from the differing Ata Grass vines and are not made with any artificial dyes or color additives.

Safe and Sanitary

 Ata products are smoked for 7 days during the crafting process, and thus gain a naturally smoky exterior fragrance.

 This keeps unwanted insects or pests away, protecting the lives of the products.

Care Direction

 All AndYu products can be easily cleaned using soap and warm water.

 The natural materials allow them to dry quickly and maintain their original shapes.



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